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Choosing a Surveyor

The Team


Chris, is a Chartered Civil Engineer with extensive experience in planning matters.  He produces and oversees the design and engineering processes as well as the Planning process.

His previous career was as a university lecturer in Structural Engineering, and he is what is known as ‘an engineer’s engineer’, i.e., an Engineer who is often consulted by more junior engineers for his knowledge and expertise. He has been in practise for over 45 years with experience in designing many hundreds of structures.

His pragmatic and can-do approach to finding solutions is exemplary; for example, a client recently came to us with a poor set of drawings and the engineering calculations needed a complete overhaul. The client was delighted with the fee of £800 charged and no wonder. Chris had reviewed the design and found a workaround that would reduce the number of steels that would be required, thereby saving the client circa £4,000. He then advised the client how to save an additional £4,000 in Building Regulation compliance costs. That was a very well spent £800 indeed that rewarded the client tenfold! Nothing quite makes Chris’ day as finding a novel approach to help a client. 


Bernie, has a circa a decade’s experience working as a Party Wall Surveyor and is the owner of BH Party Wall Surveying being a Member of the Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors.

After graduating in Building Surveying BSc (Hons), he worked in private practise as a Commercial and Residential Property Manager and Service Charge Administrator before moving to the Public Sector where he worked for a large Housing Association. He was part of a small and dedicated team tasked with making systemic improvements to the provision of Property Management to the Shared Ownership leaseholders. Within a space of just two years, the team’s hard work paid off and the Housing Association went from being low down in the league tables in terms of leaseholder satisfaction, to becoming one of the highest-ranking in the country.

This experience was a tangible confirmation of what he had always known instinctively: that the ingredients that go into providing a high-level service are foremost, tangible results, but almost as important, is good communication, which provides timely acknowledgement that the issues raised require resolution and the reassurance of a timeline by when the issues will be resolved. It is a lesson well-learned and to this day he prides himself on responding to emails within circa two hours, although more commonly responding within 30 minutes. He strives to provide the very same level of service that he would hope to receive were he in the client’s shoes.  

As a ‘second pair of eyes’ he works closely with Chris, to review all Planning and design outputs to ensure that any errors are caught early on. He also checks that all drawings are fully Party Wall compliant and accepts appointments as a Party Wall Surveyor. 

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