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Choosing a Surveyor

Cost Savings

Costs savings should never come at the expense of the quality of the drawings as this would be a false economy. There are a number of ways we provide cost savings that does not involve any compromise in terms of the quality of the drawings:


1. When clients already have drawings, we can usually improve them on CAD in a relatively short amount of time in order to bring them up to standard, which saves on the cost of starting again from scratch.


2. By efficiencies of scale. Too often, clients ask Company A to produce Planning drawings, Company B to produce Building Control compliant Drawings and Company C to produce Structural, working drawing. This is inefficient and results in higher costs. By engaging us to produce all the design input, from start to finish, the process is far more streamlined and high-quality drawings can be produced at below market rates with savings realised due to efficiencies of scale. 


3. By ensuring that all drawings are Party Wall compliant from the start, there will be no further need to pay for additions and amendments to the drawings should changes be required by Party Wall Surveyors. 


4. A further cost saving, is regards to the Party Wall Surveyor fees. When one of our team is appointed, we are able to quote a below market rate. This is because our drawings are Party Wall compliant from the get-go, which again creates efficiencies that allow us to quote a lower fee rate. 


5. We will re-submit Planning Applications that have been refused with the required amendments and do so at no additional cost. 

For an indicative calculation of the Cost Savings that can be gained by engaging us for all your drawing requirements, please see our Costs and Fees page.

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