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Choosing a Surveyor

Costs and Fees

Application Fees in 2024 for some typical Householder Applications 

The application fees due due to the Local Authority are payable at the time the Planning submission is made. Below are some of the relevant current fees:

Extensions / Alterations to a dwellinghouse: £258.00 

Certificates of Lawful Development (where works have not yet been undertaken): £129.00

Prior Approvals: £120.00

BH Planning & Design Fees 

Please contact us for a tailor-made quote which will either match the below indicative pricing, be higher or be lower depending on various factors. Since it can be helpful to have an indication of likely costs, we provide some typical costings below as a rough guide:

Planning Drawings for e.g., a rear extension or a loft conversion (including a site visit to measure up, issuing of Plans, submitting the application on the Planning Portal):  £900.00*.

Building Control compliant drawings (where required): £650.00

Structural Drawings: £700.00

Deduction if we are appointed to provide all drawings, i.e., Planning, Building Control and Structural Drawings: 10%. This will be applied to all the above amounts: i.e., Planning drawings at £900.00 is reduced by £90.00. Building Control Drawings at £650 is reduced by £65.00. Structural drawings at £700.00 is reduced by £70.00. Combined deductions amount to a combined Cost Saving to you of £225.00 in this indicative costing.

Further Deductions: Party Wall Surveyor fees upon appointment and further to providing a drawing pack containing Planning, Building Control and Structural Drawings15%: This amounts to the following indicative amount: Surveyor's fees for acting in relation to notifiable works affecting the two neighbouring houses on either side: £1,550.00. A 15% reduction amounts to a Cost Saving of £232.50.  

TOTAL COST SAVINGS AMOUNT TO £225.00 + £232.50 = £457.50 (indicative)


IN ADDITION: FREE Party Wall Compliant Drawings are provided when we are appointed to provide Planning and Structural drawings.



*This includes for any required amendments to the drawings and resubmission if Planning is refused.  


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