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Choosing a Surveyor

The Planning Process 

Initial Information Required: The process starts with the client providing the address of the property, photos of the elevations and details of the proposed building works. We will then consider the proposal and provide initial advice based on Planning Regulations and the Local Council’s Policies and Guidance etc. This is provided formally by email or letter but not over the phone. Initial advice is free.

Quote: Once we have determined what the Planning requirements are, we will provide an itemised quote for undertaking the following (as applicable): Planning Applications (including drawings), Building Control compliant drawings, Engineer’s design / Calculations, Party Wall Surveying services.  



Beginning with Planning Permission...


The below list is merely indicative in terms of the tasks to be undertaken. E.g., where Permitted Development rights are being utilised an application for a Certificate of Lawful Development or Prior Approval would be applicable:


1. Free initial Planning advice,


2. An on-site visit to survey the house,


3. Drafting of Planning drawings,


4. Making the Planning Application

Planning Drawings 


Planning Application require Existing & Proposed drawings, Sections, & a Location Plan but not structural beams or foundations. 

5. On receipt of Planning approval, producing Building Control compliant drawings (where applicable). These drawings serve to alert the contractor of the Building Regulations that needs to be adhered to and contain many side notes describing all the Building Regulations relevant to the works proposed. 


6. Producing Engineer’s Calculations and full structural ‘working drawings’, which include the sizes of the various beams and other structural elements of the building.

7. Drawings are reviewed in-house to be fully Party Wall compliant.


​8. Party Wall Surveying services provided, subject to a formal appointment.

A Structural Drawing showing (in red) the placement and required sizes of the beams as calculated by the Engineer

OLINDA Structural Drawings
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