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Choosing a Surveyor


We had been providing Party Wall Surveying services since about 2014, during which we were often asked to revise drawings on behalf of clients. We have since formalised this service by giving it its own area on our website and offering Planning Application and Planning drawings too.

Part of the role of Party Wall Surveyors is to study the drawings and thereby piece together all the works that needs to be notified to the neighbours. This requires that the drawings provided are sufficiently clear, accurate and detailed.

Following such reviews, we would advise the client, how the drawings should best be amended to show the proposed works correctly and in sufficient detail, whilst also considering the impact of the works with regards the Party Wall Act. Following this advice, clients would regularly ask that we take over on the design front.  

Chris Arnaouti BSc (Eng) Hons, CEng, MICE, a very highly regarded Chartered Engineer, would then undertake all the structural design together with the detailed construction drawings, thereby guaranteeing that the drawings were accurate and contained the required level of detail and Bernie would review the drawings to ensure that they were fully Party Wall compliant.

Invariably, clients’ main regret after experiencing our service, was that they had not found us sooner.

By managing the whole design process from Planning Application to structural working drawings, we are able to offer the keenest pricing. However, we are also able to pick up at a later point. E.g., we can produce structural drawings and Calculations as a standalone.

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