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Party Wall Surveyors & Fees 

In choosing a  Party Wall Surveyor fee level should be just one element in the decision.  There are indeed real life Party Wall Surveyors who manage the feat of balancing charging very high fees whilst at the same time providing a lackadaisical service and this can be immensely frustrating for a Building Owner in many ways. In  particular, when they find themselves paying builders a day-rate for doing no work while the Surveyor gets round to producing the Award. 

So whilst paying more is no  is no assurance of receiving a better service, Surveyor fees are obviously a consideration although Service is paramount.


Whilst many companies claim to put an emphasis on service, actions can speak louder than words. As an example of where our service is different is in our encouragement of neighbours to use one Agreed Surveyor in order to minimize costs. Acting as Agreed Surveyor does involve more work and many Surveyors charge more for acting in this capacity. To the Building Owner having to foot the bill this can feel like a hidden charge on good neighbourliness.  Hence, we have made the decision not to charge extra for this. 

Membership of the Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors is optional for Party Wall Surveyors. By joining this august organisation and being regulated by them, we have made a commitment to the highest level of professionalism and the positive feedback we receive from appointing owners is well earned.

Our Fees

Below you will see that we spell out our fees clearly. The prices are 'from' these price points so we may not necessarily be able to offer these prices across the board. We pride ourselves on having a good mix of service and price. In other words, we offer very good value for money.  

The Party Wall Process

The process typically begins with the appointment of the Surveyor who is then authorised to serve Notice, undertake a Schedule of Condition and prepare & serve the Award.

The fee below includes for the above three stages.


The total cost for covering the whole Party Wall process i.e. Notice, Schedule of Condition and Award is from just £590 per adjoining owner.

The above is indicative only and assumes that there are two or more adjoining owners, the works are relatively simple in nature, e.g. a rear extension and / or loft conversion and that the drawings and engineering calculations are all available and that the property is within a 6 mile radius of our office.

When requesting an individualised quote please provide a copy of your drawings. We cannot necessarily offer you the above prices as your works may require more time than the above prices allow for. What we can guarantee is that whatever price we quote it will be a fair reflection of the projected time that will be involved.

Breakdown of Quote

To keep things simple we divide the quote into three equal parts comprising Notice, Schedule and Award and charge 1/3 for each part.

Hence, the fee for each of the three stages is just £196.66 which equals £590 in total (per adjoining owner).

If an owner consents and does not require an Award the fee will actually be lower at just 2 x £196.66 = £393.33.

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